Commands & SFXs

Below you will find a list of all the different commands and SFXs you can use in the stream.


Commands can do plenty of things, from showing you how much of the stream currency Lootbags that you have all the way to inspecting various currencies and information about my Guild Wars 2 account.


  • !lootbags (Stream currency)
  • !build / !builds (Link to my necro build + popular build websites)
  • !twitter (Link to my twitter)
  • !discord (Invite to discord)
  • !arcdps (Link to ARCDPS)
  • !gw2commands (Link to GW2 Chatbot commands)
  • !fanart (Oh boi, I be famous, I got fanart LUL)
  • !lurk
  • !followage
  • !populations (Link to World Populations on Wiki)

My Guild Wars 2 Account

  • !server (Shows my current server)
  • !kills (Shows my WvW kill count)
  • !wvw (Shows my current WvW Rank)
  • !ign (Shows my IGN)
  • !karma (Shows my karma)
  • !gold (Shows my gold)
  • !matchup (Shows my current WvW Matchup and KDRs)


SFXs are sounds that will play on stream when you use them.

All SFXs costs 50 lootbags to use. You can only use an SFX every 2 minutes.

  • !cheese
  • !veil
  • !catchthemall
  • !crashmynut
  • !rallybots
  • !dmg
  • !chase
  • !pettingzoo
  • !sorry
  • !airhorn
  • !goodgameplay
  • !twofingers
  • !mean
  • !fab
  • !herewego
  • !foodreminder
  • !balls
  • !shakeitoff
  • !youshit
  • !bigiq
  • !wakeup
  • !tool
  • !entitled
  • !redfab
  • !enough
  • !numbers