Ultimate World vs. World Booster Guide

It is always a great idea when there is a World vs. World event to ensure that you are running a proper booster setup to get the maximum value out of the event. So today I will teach you which boosters should always be your go-to's when playing during a World vs. World event.

Setting your goal

There are three main boosts that a World vs. World event will give you. The first one is Magic Find gain which does not have as big of an impact as you might think. To learn more about Magic Find you should definitely check out the video by Tekkit who has a great explanation of how Magic Find works, there is a link in the description.

The two other boosts are World vs. World specific and this is where you have to make a choice of which ones you want to prioritize. On one side you might want to get more World Experience and on the other, you might want Reward Track Progress. Both of these have each of their benefits, let me explain.

A World Experience focus will be all about getting as many ranks as possible during the event. The big reasons for focusing on World Experience would be that you are one of the following:

  1. Close to reaching a new material with your rank, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. Each time this material changes you will get an extra permanent pip, every single tick. This can be very lucrative over time.
  2. You working on getting access to the Tier 3 version of the Triumphant armor to unlock that shiny tentacle chest piece. You will get access to buy it at rank 500, so if you are lower than that, then World Experience might be a priority for you.
  3. You have still not reached rank 1226 where you max out all the abilities you have in World vs. World. Maximizing these is not a reward-specific goal but can be a great thing to aim for, to ensure you have all the benefits from World vs. World you can have. If you are still working on maximizing your abilities, check out my guide on the topic. There is a link in the description.
  4. You want to someday achieve the God and Goddess of World vs. World title. This title requires you to reach rank 10.000. It is a long process and taking advantage of the event weeks is a great way to speed up your progress.

A focus on Reward Track Progress will be all about completing Reward Tracks as fast as possible. This can be very enticing for the following reasons:

  1. You need Gifts of Battle for your legendary crafting journey. If you need a Gift of Battle then make sure to check out my guide on how to do it optimally so you don't waste any time, especially if you are a PvE player that would rather not play World vs. World in the first place.
  2. In line with crafting legendaries, you will also need Mystic Clovers and they can be easily accessible from Reward Tracks, especially the ones that cannot be repeated. Non-repeatable Reward Tracks will give you 7 Mystic Clovers on completion.
  3. The last of the reasons to focus on Reward Track Progress is if there is simply none of the World Experience reasons that fit your goals. In that case, I would always recommend focusing on Reward Track Progress over World Experience as that will give you actual rewards.

Hopefully one of these reasons will resonate with your personal goals and, that you now have an idea of whether you want to focus on maximizing World Experience or Reward Track Progress.

Let us dive into which boosters are needed for what.


Alright, let's go through how you get the different effects, also known as boosts, and what booster items you will have to use to get them.

  1. Experience Booster. 50% extra WXP. This effect comes from using either an Experience Booster or a Heroic Booster. So only ever use one of them at a time.
  2. 50% WvW Experience Bonus. 50% extra WXP. This one comes from the old WXP Booster and Mini-Booster. They're quite rare these days and there's no new way of acquiring them.
  3. Celebration Bonus. 100% extra WXP. This one is large and you will get it from using either a Celebration Booster or a Birthday Booster. These boosters act the same, one is just a 1-hour boost and the other is 24 hours.
  4. Festival Gobbler Boost. 25% extra WXP. This one you can get if you have either the Zhaitaffy or Snowflake Gobbler. They're both gem store items and are usually only sold around their associated festivals.
  5. Ascended food. 10% extra WXP. When you use ascended food you get a 10% WXP boost. So make sure you use ascended food rather than regular food during WvW sessions if you want to max out your rank gain.

Limited boosts

Limited boosts are bonuses that you cannot consume, but rather are given to you automatically when specific things happen.

  1. Guild Objective Aura II. 10% extra WXP. This is an effect where you don't have to pop a booster, but rather you just want to be near an objective in WvW that is claimed by a guild with the Objective Aura 2: WvW Experience upgrade. Hover the little icon when you're near a claimed tower to see if you get this boost.
  2. Outnumbered. 25% extra WXP. If you are on a heavily outnumbered WvW map, then you will automatically get this effect. You can see it in your skill bar.
  3. Call of War. 100% extra WXP. This is the typical WvW event bonus and you will automatically get this while playing WvW during Event Weeks. Keep an eye out on guildwars2.com for the next WvW Event Week.

Other boosts

We got 2 more boosts remaining and these are not really consumables, but they are also not limited.

  1. Guild Enhancement. 3-10% extra WXP or WvW Reward Track Boost. If your guild is upgraded enough, then go to your tavern in your Guild Hall. Here you will find a vendor giving you a lot of free boosters. You can only have one active at a time. During WvW sessions it is always recommended for you to go get the WvW Reward Boost or World Experience. Which one is up to you, as previously explained in this guide.
  2. Enrichments. 10% WXP or 5% WvW Reward Track Boost. Enrichments are the upgrades you can put into your ascended amulet slot. You only have space for one of these in your entire build, so you will have to choose which one you will use.


That was a lot of boosters and if you get all of them, then you will get an additional 390% World Experience. This is only during WvW Event Weeks of course. Outside of these, then you can sneak your way up to 290%. This will massively increase your progress toward the Tier 3 WvW Armor and maxing out your rank upgrades.