What rewards can you get in World vs. World

Today we are talking about the rewards you can get in World vs. World. This includes the immediate rewards from fighting, but also the more passive rewards like reward tracks and pips.

Basic rewards

The most basic rewards are the ones you will be getting as long as you are actively playing. The most common reward you will find in World vs. World is Heavy Loot Bags. These represent you killing an enemy, do note you will not be getting one for every kill, but more like every 3rd or 4th kill.

Besides the Heavy Loot Bags you can also get other variations of the Loot Bags, but these are much more rare, and the contents are not necessarily better. Whether you want to open or sell your loot bags is up to you. I prefer to open them and save the materials for a rainy day.

As you are killing people you will also be looting some Unidentified gear of different rarities. You will not be getting this as much as in PvE maps, but it adds a nice little extra income.

Reward tracks

Next up is reward tracks, these are similar to the ones you will find in structured PvP. Reward tracks are what they sound like, they put you on a track for some rewards. The way it works is that you pick the track you want, different ones gives you different rewards along the way, and over time as you are playing, you will passively gain the rewards.

To find the World vs. World reward tracks, click B on your keyboard and click the reward track tab. Here you can browse the reward tracks and get an overview of their rewards. To choose a reward track click the Activate button. You can also set it to repeat if you want to keep doing the same track.

There are two major types of reward tracks, repeatable and non-repeatable. As you are starting out, going through all the non-repeatable ones will generally help you maximize your rewards up front. Especially because non-repeatable tracks gives you 7 Mystic Clovers by the end, which can help you speed up crafting Legendary items.

Do note that some reward tracks you have to unlock. This can be everything from doing the story mode for a dungeon to completing a Living World episode. During festivals you will also find limited time tracks with festival specific rewards.

To maximize your reward track rewards you should be trying to get your participation up to Tier 6. In order to get a higher participation, you want to kill enemies, flip sentries, camps, towers or keeps. In general, play the game mode and you will get there in no time. This will give you the most progress on the reward track every 5 minutes. At Tier 6 without any boosters it will take you about 8 hours and 30 minutes to complete. At the end of each reward track is a bigger reward. This is commonly some skins or some rare materials.

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Pips are another type of passive rewards you get for simply playing. Compared to reward tracks, pip will get reset once every week and you have to start over. You also do not progress it by your participation alone. In order to progress it every 5 minutes you simply have to have a participation over Tier 3.

How much you are progressing on your pips every tick is determined by different factors:

  • Depending on how your world is doing in the current skirmish you will get 3, 4 or 5 pips based on the current skirmish placement.
  • You will get everything from 0 to 7 pips based on your rank.
  • You get one extra pip for commanding a squad of at least 5 other people.
  • You get 3 additional pips for commanding a public squad with at least 10 people.
  • If you managed to get to the Wood pip chest the previous week you get 1 extra pip this week.
  • You also get 5 additional pips if you are currently outnumbered on your map.

Getting pips will progress you through different chests from Wood to Diamond with the diamond being repeatable. To finish each chest you have to get a certain amount of pips and along the way you get checkmarks that give you some smaller rewards. These rewards are commonly Memories of Battle, WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets and boost to your reward track progress.

To check your current progress of your pips you can click B on your keyboard and going to the Match Overview tab, then you can see it in the bottom.

The reason to care about your pips and getting through the chests each week are World vs. World Skirmish Claim Tickets. These are the currency you use to buy the end game rewards in World vs. World. End game rewards like unique World vs. World skins, legendary armor and the legendary trinket Conflux.

The maximum amount of World vs. World Skirmish Claim Tickets you can get in a week is 365. To compare this to a full set of Legendary Armor, where you need at least 7880 Skirmish Claim Tickets, it would take you 22 weeks at least to finish the set.

The end

I hope this helped you get a better overview of the different types of rewards you can get when you are playing World vs. World.

If you have any questions throw them my way over on discord or on twitter. Do also make sure to check me out on twitch.