What legendary should you get in Guild Wars 2?

So you have gotten to the point where you want to make your next legendary, maybe it is even your first one. But which one should you make?

I will be breaking down the different types of legendaries, what their benefits are and why you might want to choose one over the other.

Let's get started.


Legendary backpacks are great because they can be used on every single one of your characters. If you dive into the crafting price of these, then they are also relatively cheap compared to other legendary items.

I don't personally think there are a lot of downsides to making a legendary backpack. Especially because you can make one in any game mode you want.


Legendary armor is one of the big grinds in this game and if you choose to go for this, then it will take you a lot of time to complete, this goes for any of the game modes. The legendary armor you can get from raids is the fastest to acquire in terms of time-gates if that is what you are concerned about.

One of the great things about legendary armor is the fact that you can craft each piece one at a time and that each piece is much cheaper than a full legendary weapon, trinket, or backpack.

One downside you have to remember when it comes to legendary armor is that you are limited to the armor weight you choose to craft. If you are mainly playing, let's say, heavy armor classes, then this is not much of an issue. But are you someone playing multiple different classes with different armor weights, then legendary armor might not be the right place to start for you.

Overall legendary armor will allow you to fill out a lot of the slots in your equipment for a relatively cheap cost.


Legendary trinkets are great. Just like a legendary backpack they can be used on absolutely any of your characters. But, they are more expensive than a backpack as of making this guide, and the PvE legendary trinkets cannot have their effects turned off. The trinkets from WvW and PvP can have their effects turned off, which is definitely a plus, but if these game modes are not something for you, then that is probably not a great choice.

On the bright side, there is a new legendary trinket, Primatic Champion's Regalia, coming for those who have access to all the living world chapters up until Icebrood Saga. This trinket will require you to do a bunch of simple achievements for each episode thereby completing the meta-achievement Seasons of the Dragons. It is not possible to fully finish this meta-achievement quite yet, but it will be a very cheap way to get a legendary trinket.


Legendary weapons are the oldest form of legendaries in the game and they usually have very flashy effects which makes a lot of people drawn to crafting them. So if flashy is what you are going for, then legendary weapons might the thing for you. They do range quite a lot in price which is certainly something I think you should take into account when making your decision.

At the end of the day, weapons can be incredibly high value if you use that weapon on multiple characters and on multiple different equipment templates. If that is not the case, then they are quite limiting to craft compared to the other types we have already talked about since some of them are very restricted on which classes they can be used.

Runes & sigils

When it comes to legendary runes and sigils, then while these are a nice quality of life, they are very expensive compared to what they are replacing. This is why I think these are the last legendaries you should probably want to make.


This is my personal opinion and I attempted to highlight some of the questions you will have to ask yourself as to what priority that matters to you.

So what are my actual recommendation?

I think you should always start out with a legendary backpack. These are cheap, useable on all characters and you can get them from any game mode you want.

After that, I would say start working on the time gates for legendary armor while you go grind for the legendary trinkets. This allows you to work on them in parallel.

Once you have your armor, trinkets, and backpack in place, then working on the types of weapons you use the most would be the next logical step.

If you managed to fill out all the slots, then eventually there are only runes and sigils left. As of this guide, the runes are cheaper than sigils, so that would make it a higher priority for me personally.

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