What is World vs. World in Guild Wars 2?

World vs. world is a PvP game mode and is the closest thing to true open world PvP you will find in Guild Wars 2.

Besides dueling other players in an open world, you can also attack enemy towers with siege weaponry, upgrade your own structures, destroy enemy supply lines and much, much more.

One of the most popular things in World vs. World, is to have huge fights against over 100 enemies at a time.

To enter World vs. World, click B on your keyboard or go to one of the asura gates located in Lions Arch. You have to have at least one character at level 60 on a F2P account or one character at level 31 on a paid account. I highly recommend, that you wait until you are level 80 though.


World vs. World is on 24/7, which means, you are always in a match against 2 other servers. However, if your server has a lot of people playing at the moment, you might have to sit through a queue to get into a map.

World vs. World matches are fought across 4 different maps: Blue Alpine borderland, Green Alpine borderland, Red Desert borderland and Eternal Battlegrounds.

The borderland that matches your current color, is the one that is designed for your server to defend. The two others are where you want to attack the enemy.

Eternal Battlegrounds is the free-for-all map and the only map with a structure known as a Castle, specifically Stonemist Castle. This is generally what people are fighting to hold, on Eternal Battlegrounds.

Winning and losing

In order to win the weeks match, your server has to gain the most Victory Points out of all three servers.

In order to gain Victory Points you have to get Skirmish Points. Skirmish Points are gained during skirmishes which are 2 hour long. You can see at the top of your screen, how much time is left of the current skirmish. In order to gain the skirmish points, you want to kill enemies, hold your own structures and upgrade them, while also making sure that you take over enemy structures.

Skirmish Points gained from holding structures gets added to your points every 5 minutes. This is the timer counting down in the top of the screen. You can also see how many points will be added to your skirmish point, on the left side of the timer.

Whoever has the most Skirmish Points by the end of a skirmish gets 5 Victory Points. Whoever gets second gets 4 Victory Points and the last server will get 3 Victory Points.

The reality

Winning a week does not have any effect, other that determine what your next match will be. This has caused a lot of veteran players to try and move their server up or down, to get the match with the best fights. Most of the rewards you will get in World vs. World therefore comes from actively playing and not winning, but more about this in a future guide.


I hope this article got you a bit closer to understanding what World vs. World is all about. If you have any questions or topics that you would like me to cover about World vs. World, then please let me know on our discord or hit me up on twitter.