What are ticks and traps in World vs. World?

Today we are talking about Tricks and Traps. They are environmental weapons that you can use in World vs. World to help defend structures, prevent enemies from having supplies and improve things such as your scouting abilities.

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In order to use tricks and traps you first have to aquire them. There are two ways you can go about getting tricks and traps: One is through the skirmish reward track and the other one is buying them directly from a vendor.

As you are going through your skirmish reward track every week, you will get a container called Skirmish Chest. Inside this you can buy the item Tricks and Traps Capsule which will give you a random trick or trap for each one. I personally think there is better things to get out of your Skirmish Chest, so let's look at the other option, buying the tricks and traps directly from a vendor.

At the spawn of each World vs. World map you will find a Tricks and Traps vendor. This vendor will sell you any of the tricks and traps, all for the same price of 15 Badges of Honor, 4 silver and 96 copper. Besides buying them from the Tricks and Traps vendor, you can also buy them from the Permanent Portable Provisioner, which is a vendor item made specifically for World vs. World.

To use a trick or a trap you can double-click the trick or trap in your inventory. This will change your skills into the trick or traps skills. Do note, that traps costs 5 supplies to use and tricks costs 10 supplies to use.

Now let's get an overview of the 4 tricks and traps that are in the game.


Tricks are different from traps in that they are not placed, but rather used actively when you want to use them, by being an AoE skill you can throw where you please.

The first trick is the Siege Disabler and it does exactly what the name suggests. It disables siege. When thrown it will have an AoE in which any siege will be disabled for 35 seconds. Golems that are manned will only be disabled for 20 seconds though. It is also important to note that the skill is a projectile and can therefore be reflected or blocked, so time it properly.

The other trick is the Target Painter which will mark enemies within its AoE when thrown. It marks up to a total of 50 enemy players for 30 seconds. The marking effect is the same as if it was enemies being close to a Sentry or a structure with the Watchtower improvement.


Traps are skills that will be placed on the ground in a thick line, similar to how traps on ranger and dragonhunters are placed. A triggered trap will affect up to 20 enemies in a range of 1200. They both take 4 seconds to place, so make sure the enemies are not too close when placing them. And it is important to note, that you can only place one trap at a time. If you place another, it will remove your previous one. The trap will last up to one hour or until you leave the map.

The first trap is a Target Painter Trap and will mark enemies similar to a Sentry, the Watchtower improvement and the Target Painter trick. Any enemy that runs over this trap will trigger the trap and be marked. This can be used as a temporary solution for places where you might want to know about enemies position, without it being near to a tower of yours that have the Watchtower improvement.

The other trap is probably the most used of the two. It is the Supply Removal Trap and it does exactly what it sounds like, it removes 5 supplies from each enemy that it traps. Again, that is up to 20 enemy players in a range of 1200 when it gets triggered.


And that was it, that is tricks and traps. They're quite simple but can be used in a lot of small clever way, like placing a supply trap on an enemy supply depot.

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