How to unlock the WvW Warclaw Mount in Guild Wars 2

Today we are talking about the World vs. World mount: Warclaw, what it can do and how to unlock it.

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What is the warclaw

Warclaw is the only mount you can use in World vs. World. The reason for this is because the other mounts would be able to use their special skills to get over walls or traverse the maps way too quickly. You can however use the Warclaw in PvE if you want. It is the slowest mount, so there is not really any benefit to do so.

The biggest benefit you will feel when using the Warclaw in World vs. World is the increased movement speed. The Warclaw runs at a speed of 453 units/sec in World vs. World and 539 units/sec in PvE. The World vs. World warclaw speed is about a 16% movement increase compared to an out of combat movement speed with Swiftness.

As an added bonus, Warclaw is the only mount that you can unlock an extra skin for in the game, without having to go through the gemstore.

Warclaw skills

Let us just go over the different skills you will find on the warclaw. You will not have them all straight away, but it is always good to know what they can do, in case an enemy is using them against you.

Skill 1: Battle Maul or Superior Battle Maul

Using the first skill is like the other mounts, it will do an attack and then dismount you. There is two versions of this skill. Battle Maul and Superior Battle Maul. The regular Battle Maul deals 1635 damage. You get the Superior Battle Maul by getting the 4th unlock in the Warclaw Mastery. This will deal an additional 20% damage against downed enemies using the skill.

Skill 2: Sniff

Sniffing is a quite underrated skill on the Warclaw and can be incredibly strong for awareness in fights inside keeps or Stonemist Castle. Sniffing reveals enemies for a brief moment around you at a 5000 radius, even if they are hiding behind walls where your camera can't spot them. Especially in Stonemist Castle, it can be really helpful to know if the enemies are stacking in the left or right side when you push into the lords room.

Skill 3: Chain pull

Chain Pull is quite a unique skill that allows you to hook a chain to a gate and each attack will then deal 2000 damage to the gate. Each attack costs you one supply. Also be aware, that you are attached to the gate while doing to, and that it takes a second to detatch yourself from the gate. So don't get stuck being attached to the gate while enemies attack you.

Skill 4: Lance

In order to be able to knock other players off their mounts, you can use your lance. If your lance hits an enemy on the mount, then they will be dismounted. It will also dismount yourself, so be ready to fight if you use this skill. It should also be noted that it is possible to dodge a lance coming towards you, if you time it properly.

Dodge: Dash

The last skill is your dodge skill. It's called dash and it leaps you forward kind of like the raptor does, just nowhere near as far.

Unlocking the Warclaw

In order to unlock your Warclaw and all its skills you will have to complete a collection and spend 166 rank points.

To start unlocking the warclaw, all you have to do is put one rank point in the Warclaw Mastery. This is done by clicking B on your keyboard, going to the ranks tab and scrolling to the bottom.

By spending the first rank point, you will unlock the Warclaw Companion Collection. In order to get the warclaw you have to complete this collection.

If you don't have the rank points, to max out the Warclaw Mastery right now, then no need to. I made a guide that teaches you how to best spend your rank points.

Warclaw Companion Collection

The Warclaw Companion collection is rather straight forward. When you unlock the collection, you get the first item: Warclaw Emblem. After this, you have to play some World vs. World and do some specific things.

  1. The first thing you should do, to make this process be shorter, is to activate the Warclaw Reward track. This is a non-repeatable reward track that will give you the Warclaw Helmet that is needed for the collection. As mentioned in my rewards guide, this should take you about 8,5 hours to complete unless you have boosters on that makes it shorter.

  2. The next few steps can be done in any order.

  3. You have to capture a keep, this is best done on an alpine borderlands or the desert borderland. The keeps on Eternal Battlegrounds rarely ever flip, so it will have you running in circles, not progressing at all.

  4. You also have to capture a tower and a camp. Simply find a commander tag on your map and follow it, then you will get these in no time.

  5. While you are trying to the capture the keep, tower and camp, make sure to tag as many guard NPCs as possible. These will have a chance to drop the Warclaw Tail Armor that you also need for the collection. Be aware it is an RNG drop, so it might take some kills before you get them.

  6. As you are playing you will get Badges of Honor. This is a World vs. World currency and you need 250 of them to buy the Warclaw Leg Armor which can be bought from Elvie the Warclaw Tender who can be found on every World vs. World map near the spawn.

  7. The last step I wanna go over, should also be the last step you do. This is because it requires you to spend WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets which can take quite some time to come by, especially as a new player. ArenaNet has been nice though and you can therefore doubleclick the previous collection items in your inventory to consume them. This will give you 5 Skirmish Claim Tickets each, leaving you at just having to spend an additional 15 Skirmish Claim Tickets which you hopefully managed to get in the time it took to complete the reward track. The Warclaw Armor Bolts can be bought at Elvie the Warclaw Tender, just like the Warclaw Leg Armor was. Buying the Warclaw Armor Bolts will give you the Warclaw Body Armor needed for the collection.

  8. Once the entire collection is completed, you get a Warclaw Certificate of Ownership. Consume this item and go to Elvie the Warclaw Tender, you can now buy your Warclaw for 8 gold.

The end

And just like that, 8,5 hours later, the warclaw is yours. To max it out, you simply need to get the rank points to spend. That's where the real grind begins.

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