How to spend your World vs. World rank points

This is a guide on how to spend your World vs. World rank points in, what I think is, the most optimized way for a new World vs. World player.

What is ranks?

Plain and simple, ranks is the leveling system in World vs. World.

When you see an enemy that has the name "Platinum Recruit", you can look up what rank he or she is. In this case, it would be between rank 2845 and 2945. The highest rank you can get is rank 10.000.

Instead of getting higher stats for your character every time you rank up, you get ability points to spend. These ability points are usually referred to as rank points by a lot of players.

So how do you spend the ability points? Well you put them into World vs. World abilities.

What is World vs. World Abilities?

What are World vs. World abilities you might ask?

Think of Abilities like PvE masteries. You have to get some XP, which will get you points that you can then spend on permanent upgrades for your account.

The most notable abilities will give you access to the World vs. World Mount Warclaw, gliding and auto looting in World vs. World. It will also give you access to more damage against NPCs in World vs. World, improve the damage you do with siege and even carry more supplies.

At the time of this guide, you will have to reach rank 1226 to max out your abilities.

What do I pick first?

So what should you pick first?

Well before I give you the answer, I do want explain my reasoning for this list. It's focused on making sure new players can more easily stay alive, focus on the fights and make sure they do not lack too far behind their allies on the battlefield.

Let's get started!

  1. Put 1 point in the Warclaw Mastery getting it to the first level.

    If you have the Path of Fire expansion, the very first point you spend, should be put into the first level in the Warclaw Mastery. This will unlock the collection that allows you to fully unlock the Warclaw mount, which will significantly improve you movement speed in World vs. World.

    If you do not have the Path of Fire expansion, do not fear. People who have fully upgraded their Warclaw will automatically share the Warclaw running speed with you if you are near them, while they are mounted. Just be aware you will be slowed down if you get in combat if not mounted and they will keep running at the mount speed, which could make you lack behind.

  2. Put 3 points in the War Gliding Mastery getting it to the first level.

    If you have the Heart of Thorns expansion which you do get for free with Path of Fire, you then want to spend the next 3 points in the War Gliding Mastery. Maxing this or the Warclaw lines out is not super important. The most important is unlocking them so you have the movement abilities they give you.

  3. Put 20 points in the Provisions Master getting it to level 4.

    Third step would be to spend 20 points in Provisions Master to unlock auto looting. This will make sure you pick up all the loot automatically and will be able to focus more on playing than looting.

    Remember to enable auto looting in your settings if you have not already done so. It can be done by going to the settings and enabling "Autoloot: Quick Interact".

  4. Max out Siege Bunker.

    In order to keep you alive for longer as a new player, you should now max out Siege Bunker. This is significantly reduce the damage you take from siege.

  5. Max out Defense Against Guards

    Continuing with the topic of keeping you alive, maxing out Defense Against Guards fits in well here. As a new player, you might be flipping some towers or camps and all of these guards defending them, will then be less dangerous to you.

  6. Put 7 points in Build Master getting it to level 3.

    Instead of just making you tankier, we can also make sure you are not locked in place as much. By putting 7 points in Build Master you will spend your supplies faster while building siege. This results in you spending less time in a fixed place while building.

  7. Max out Siege Might.

    Even though, you should let more experienced players use the siege, because they will have their abilities maxed, it is rather cheap to max out your Siege Might. This will increase the damage you do with siege by 10% when you do have to use the siege if no one else is available to take it.

  8. Max out Guard Killer.

    While you are getting used to the game, you will probably find yourself focusing more on camps, towers and keeps. Which is why you should now max out Guard Killer. This will help you take guards down quicker and also kill lords and supervisors faster.

  9. Spend 60 points in the Warclaw Mastery getting it to level 4.

    Now it's all getting interesting. By this point, you should probably have your Warclaw mount unlocked. This is why you should spend 60 points in the Warclaw Mastery to get to level 4. This will give you an extra dodge, you will share the Warclaw speed with other players that are not mounted and you can also finish off downed enemies with skill 1: Battle Maul.

  10. Spend 17 points in War Gliding Mastery getting it to level 3.

    Let's all get a bit up in the air with some improvements to gliding. With War Gliding Mastery at level 3, you can now glide a bit quicker, closing in on some gaps on some maps that you can only do if you can lean forward.

  11. Max out Supply Capacity.

    Time to max out a bunch of masteries. Starting with Supply Capacity. Supplies are used all the time. So make sure you can carry a bit more of it. Whether it would be for repairing, building siege or putting down traps. You will need it.

  12. Max out Build Master.

    Remember that build master that makes you build things faster? Now is the time to max it out. We have all those supplies now, so we have to be able to spend it quickly.

  13. Max out Supply Master.

    Giving you a bit of convenience regarding supplies, it's time to max out that Supply Master. It will give you some small speed buffs for picking up supplies and also give you a chance of recovering some supplies when spending them. If you don't have a lot of supplies in your squad, this RNG could be the few extra supplies you might need.

  14. Max out Repair Master.

    Going in line with the Supply and Build Master, sometimes you do have to repair gates or walls. So in the same go, you should also max out your Repair Master.

  15. Max out Warclaw Mastery.

    Let's make that Warclaw shine even more by completely maxing it out. Skill 2 will let you sniff for enemies which will temporarily show them on the minimap and you will also be able to dismount other players with your spear.

  16. Max out War Gliding Mastery.

    Following the Warclaw Mastery, we are going to max out gliding. Then you will not spend endurance unless you are leaning forward and you can also evade mid-air.

  17. Max out Mercenary's Bane.

    At this point, just to be able to flip the hyleks, dredge and ogres on Eternal Battlegrounds more easily, then max out Mercenary's Bane. It is going make you both tankier against them and also make you deal more damage to them.

  18. Progress on maxing out all the siege abilities.

    If you made it this far, you made it to the end. The remaining abilities are all tied to different types of siege. With siege, you should choose the order yourself depending of what you feel like. They are all useful for something. Just make sure that you finish them completely before you start the next. Most siege will not be worth it, unless you are maxed out.

That's it, that is my priority list. Since you probably don't have all the points to spend right now, make sure to bookmark this page for reference later.

I want to thank Vardy and Humlet for providing some really good feedback on how this list should be prioritized.

If you have suggestions for more guides, feel free to reach out on discord or on twitter.