How to get Gift of Battle effeciently in Guild Wars 2

Today we are talking about the Gift of Battle, what you can use it for and how it get it.

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What is the Gift of Battle

The Gift of Battle is an item you need to craft other gifts that are used for end-game rewards in Guild Wars 2. The items you can craft with the Gift of Battle is:

These gifts are generally used for end-game World vs. World rewards, this includes Conflux, the legendary trinket, Warbringer, the legendary backpiece and the legendary World vs. World armor. But besides the World vs. World rewards, the Gift of Battle is also used in crafting any legendary weapon in the game. So if either of these are on your to do list, then you will have to get a Gift of Battle at some point.

How to get the Gift of Battle

Getting the Gift of Battle is actually really straight forward. There is only one way to get it and that is in the World vs. World reward track. The reward track is called Gift of Battle Item Reward Track. To start the reward track click B on your keyboard, go to the reward tracks tab and find the Gift of Battle Item Reward Track in the list and then click on the Activate button. A reward track takes 8,5 hours to complete if you are not using boosters, so let me just go through some of the ways you can make this process even faster.

Speeding up the reward track

When going for the gift of battle or any reward track for that matter, make sure you get the highest participation you can. By doing this, you will complete it faster. I made an article that describes how participation works.

Besides keeping your participation high, you can also use boosters. The easiest one to get, is by going to your guild hall and getting the guild reward boost from the tavern. If you have any birthday or celebration boosters these also add to the reward track progress. Same goes for the experience booster, the Black Lion Boost and the Festival Gobbler Boost. Last way to add a little more boost is also buying the WvW Reward Track Enrichment from the Laurel vendors in the World vs. World maps. Enrichments are like infusions, but they are put into your amulet. If you add all these boosters together you will end up with a total of 125% reward track boost, putting your reward track completion time at about 4 hours in total.

Sometimes you will also find that there are special WvW event weeks, these weeks gives everyone extra reward track progress too. So keep an eye on where they usually let the players know about upcoming event weeks.

If you are a person who likes doing more PvE than World vs. World, then you might want to consider a slower approach in terms of days you have to spend playing, but where you only have to do a little bit of World vs. World every day. This would be going into World vs. World every day and do the dailies. Doing World vs. World dailies gives you Reward Track potions that you can consume to get progress towards you active reward track. In total you need 80 potions to finish an entire track. You can also mix this with active World vs. World to get the most optimal experience.


I hope all of this gave you a better insight into the Gift of Battle and that you learned how you can go about making it a smoother experience to complete reward tracks.

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