How to get ascended gear in World vs. World

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Today we're talking about how you can get ascended gear in World vs. World.

Before we start I do want to make it clear that ascended gear is in no way required to play World vs. World. If you are just starting out, simply go for exotic gear and you will be perfectly fine. Once you have all your exotic gear, it is usually a normal thing to start working on replacing each piece with ascended or even legendary gear.

It should also be noted, that by solely trying to get your ascended through World vs. World, then you will be in for quite some time gating. This is due to the fact that you don't craft but rather purchase the gear with time gated currencies.

Let's get started!


In order to get ascended gear in World vs. World you will need a few different currencies.

Skirmish Claim Tickets is the major currency you will find attached to ascended gear in World vs. World. You get Skirmish Claim Tickes by getting pips and pips are awarded to you every 5 minutes as long as you keep your participation higher than Tier 3. You can get a maximum of 365 Skirmish Claim Ticket each week. If you want to learn more about participation, check out my World vs. World Basics guide on the topic.

Badges of Honor is a generic currency in World vs. World. If you just keep playing you will slowly accumulate plenty of these and at one point you are going to wonder what in the world you are going to spend them on.

Laurels is not specifically a currency in World vs. World, but it is one of the very time gated currencies in the game and the only way to get it, is to log in every day. You can earn up to 55 Laurels per month.

Memories of Battle is a material used in crafting but it is also used heavily as a currency. Memories of Battle are earned in the same way you earn the Skirmisk Claim Tickets, by having a participation of at least Tier 3. If you are impatient and got some spare gold laying around it is also possible to buy these on the Trading Post.

Grandmaster marks is used in multiple game modes for when you buy ascended gear. You can either choose to craft each mark which will require specific crafting professions at level 500. Or you can get them passively in World vs. World through your pips like the Memories of Battle and Skirmish Claim Tickets. Do note you get these at a very slow rate from the pips and it will therefore take you multiple weeks to be able to get even a single piece of ascended.

Now that you understand the special currencies that you are going to be spending to get ascended gear in World vs. World, let's actually look at the different types of gear and how to get them.


World vs. World has two ways to give you trinkets. The old school way which will give you fixed stat combinations and the new cool way which will give you selectable stat combinations, the latter obviously being much more convenient.

The old way is rather simple. As you log in on your account every day you are going to start accumulating a currency called Laurels. You can find these in your Wallet.

In order to find where to purchase these fixed stat trinkets simply go to the spawn of any of the World vs. World maps and locate the Laurel vendor. This vendor will sell you rings, accessories and amulets for Laurels and some Badges of Honor.

The downside of this way of purchasing the trinkets is that it is quite expensive. Over the course of logging in every day for a month you can get a maximum of 55 laurels and if you want a single accessory, that will set you back 40 laurels.

The other, newer way of getting trinkets in World vs. World is also time gated. It requires you to get the currency Skirmish Claim Tickets and 250 Memories of Battle.

With the prices of the stat selectable trinkets you would be able to get all your trinkets in just one month of playtime, assuming you get at least 197 Skirmish Claim Tickets each week. This might seem like a great deal, compared to the old trinket method, but do be aware that if you want to also get ascended armor, weapons and a backpiece from World vs. World, then you have to spend your Skirmish Claim Tickets on those as well.

In order to purchase these stat selectable trinkets, simply go to your nearest Skirmish Supervisor at the spawn of any World vs. World map.

One thing I should definitely remember to add is that using the new way also will allow you to reset the stat combination on your trinkets later on by purchasing a one-time-use Mist Capasitor which can also be found at the Skirmish Supervisor.

Armor and Weapons

As you might noticed, I have bundled armor and weapons together. This is because their aquisition is pretty much the same for both of them. Both ascended armor and weapons are bought with Skirmish Claim Tickets, Grandmaster Marks and Memories of Battle.

The difference between armor and weapons is that in order to buy the armor you have to ensure you get the Tier 1 version first, before you can buy the Tier 2 version that comes in both exotic and ascended rarity.

Here is an example: Say I want to buy the Heavy Ascended Chest Piece in World vs. World. First I will have to complete the Triumphant Reward Track which will allow me to choose an exotic armor piece by the end of it. The armor piece I have to choose is the heavy chest piece. This will unlock the Tier 1 skin which in turns allow me to buy the Tier 2 version. The Tier 2 version is the one that comes in both exotic and ascended, so make sure to buy the right one.

The example above also applies to the Obsidian Weapon Set, but all those weapon skins look like toys so I would personally just recommend choosing the Mistforged or Mist Lord's weapons.

Regarding the armor, then there also is a more expensive version, the Tier 3 version, that does not require grandmaster marks, but instead requires more Skirmish Claim Tickets. Just like with the Tier 2 version, then you have to unlock the previous tiers skin first before you can buy the tier you actually want. So this is an overall bad strategy is you are simply looking to gear your character.

Another important mention is that if you get the Tier 2 or Tier 3 ascended armor, those can act as a precursor for the Legendary armor in World vs. World. Using it as a precusor will only work the first time you choose the stats on the individual armorpiece. If you were to throw it in the mystic forge to change the stats later on, that would void the precursor status. You have been warned.

Simply head to the Skirmish Supervisor at the spawn of any World vs. World map and look at all the possibilities for armor and weapons.


The ascended backpiece in World vs. World is actually the precursor to craft the legendary backpiece Warbringer. This also means that there are some limitations on when you can actually make this.

To craft this ascended backpiece you have to go to Legendary Commander War Razor that you find at any spawn in World vs. World. From there you purchase each Tier of the backpiece: Recruit's, Solider's, General's and Commander's Wings of War.

And this is where it limits you. In order to buy the Commander's Wings of War you are required to buy a commander tag, if your account have not unlocked that already. You also have to be at least rank 350 in World vs. World.

In total Warcry will cost you 2.450 Skirmish Claim Tickets. And if you don't have the commander tag already that will set you back an additional 300 gold and 250 Badges of Honor.


Ascended gear in World vs. World is definitely not the best way to spend your time, at least not compared to all the alternatives in the game. But it is a way for anyone who only plays World vs. World to actually get the optimal gear. And that is pretty great.

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