How participation works in World vs. World

In this guide we will be talking about participation in World vs. World. I kind of brushed over it in my previous guide about rewards, but I feel like I could have done a better job, so here we go.

What is participation

Participation is a way to measure your activity level in World vs. World and this will directly affect how long it takes for you to complete a reward track.

You will also need a tier 3 participation in order to gain pips in World vs. World while playing. Remember, pips are needed to get the currency for end game rewards in World vs. World.

Finding your current participation

To find your current participation, click the little chest icon on the top right of your minimap. Here you will find a few things:

  1. The current tier of participation you have.
  2. How many reward track points will be added on the next tick. This is determined by your tier. You can also add boosters that can make this number even higher, but it will not be reflected in the UI.
  3. When the next tick is happening. This is the same as the 5 minute timer in the top of your screen.
  4. Your progress through the current participation tier.
  5. When you will start decaying or if you are decaying, then it shows the time until you reach tier 0. No matter what tier you are, it will always take 15 minutes to decay all the way to tier 0. To reset the timer, simply do anything that gives you participation, we'll talk about this in a second.
  6. And lastly, how many points you need for the next reward in your reward track.

To learn more about reward tracks, check out my previous guide.

Earning participation

In order to earn participation you have to kill enemy players, flip structures like camps, towers, keeps and Stonemist Castle. You can also do a lot of other things such as repair walls and escort or kill dolyak caravans. The higher tier you get, the more you need to do to hit the next tier. Essentially, most of what you will do in World vs. World will end up increasing your participation.

Remember, all you should aim for in the beginning is get to at least tier 3. From there you can just slowly work your way up to tier 6. If you are playing with a zerg you should get to tier 6 rather quickly whereas if you are roaming it might take a bit longer.

The end

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that it gave you a better understanding of yet another system that World vs. World has, which affects the rewards you get out of the game mode.

If you have any feedback or ideas for future topics, feel free to suggest it in our discord or tag me on twitter.

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